Recount / At The Book Store




•  Adjective           : Kata sifat ( kata yang memberi keterangan kata benda)
                                Contoh : Detective story book
                                               The living room
•  Past Tense        : Tense yang digunakan untuk    menyatakan perbuatan/kegiatan yang dilakukan pada                                 waktu lampau.
                                Pada kalimatnya : S+Verb. II+O+Complement
                                Contoh :  This morning I took a detective story book from the shelf in the living room.
•  Content word    : Kosakata/ Vocabulary yang digunakan dalam suatu bacaan.
                                Contoh : Robber = Penjahat/ Perampok
                                               Island  = Pulau
                                               Woman detective = detektif wanita




Last week I went to a book store with my brother. We wanted to buy some books and comics. We went there by a motorcycle. Frist we left home at 4 P.M. The traffic to the book store was not crowded. The book store was not so far from our house. After 25 minutes, we arrived at the book store.
There were many people at the book store. I saw there were some people choosing kinds of books, magazines, comics, etc. There were many kinds of  books at the book store. They were arranged on book shelves. Some people read in front of the shelves. We chose some books and comics we needed and went to cashier. After that we went to a restaurant for having meal. I ordered meat-balls and a soft drink. My brother ordered fried noodle and a soft drink too.
Finally we went home in the evening. We arrived home at 7.15 P.M. We left very tired but we were happy.

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